“Jane Chan is a highly articulate performer with expressive range that can shift between rage and tenderness in the tap of a tabla. Her dancing is powerful yet fluid, percussive and lyrical with a freedom that seems underpinned by great discipline. “ Janet Smith, MBE, Artistic Director and Principal of Northern School of Contemporary Dance

“陳楨是位極善表達的舞者,能在瞬間的鼓聲遊走於憤怒與溫柔之間。舞台上的她,充滿力量且如行雲流水,節奏感鮮明又極為抒情,盡顯收放自如的從容姿態。” - Northern School of Contemporary Dance 的藝術總監,校長 Janet Smith, MBE

"...Jane Chan's exquisite solo performance of Blue Velvet left an indelible mark on the audience." - Review on Amina Khayyam Dance Company's A Thousand Faces by Anna Kuppuswamy for Pulse

“陳楨細膩精緻的獨舞表演… 無疑在觀眾心中留下了不可磨滅的印象。”– Pulse 雜誌 (對於陳楨在A Thousand Faces by Amina Khayyam Dance Company的表現)