Jane Chan

Based between London and Hong Kong, Jane is a dance artist trained in Kathak, contemporary dance, Chinese classical, Chinese folk dance and wing chun. Jane graduated from University of Surrey with a BA (Hons) in Dance and Culture in 2012 and gained an MA in Dance Cultures in 2013. She performs regularly with Amina Khayyam Dance Company (AKDC) since 2014 and tours nationally and internationally. She began her Kathak training in 2008 under Amina Khayyam till today. In 2015, Jane founded Passion Project, her teaching initiative with the belief that the joy of dancing is universal. Having witnessed the power of dance on her late grandmother, Jane also conducts adult community classes with a focus on the elderly and those with dementia. 

Jane is also the London Correspondent for dancejournal/hk and a mentor for Arts Emergency, supporting young people who wish to pursue dance as a career. Jane also performs across art forms with musicians, theatre directors, visual artists, photographers and filmmakers. Some of them include: Seetal Kaur, Gigi Giannella, Enrique Vargas Gutierrez (Teatro de los Sentidos), Jihye Kim, Joonhong Min, Roxi Rahmanzadeh, Simon Richardson, Moi Tran, Tang Shu-wing, Katja Verheul and Zadie Xa.

The presence and visibility of Jane as an East Asian artist who practices kathak aims to confront, question and reclaim cultural and social misrepresentation. Her works aim to act as catalysts, to invite as many people to a wider conversation about identity, race, collective experience and multiculturalism. Jane also hopes to contribute to a legacy for the next generations.

陳楨 - 編舞 | 舞者

陳楨,現為常駐倫敦及香港的舞者,接受了詠春、卡塔克舞、芭蕾、現代舞、中國古典舞及民族舞訓練。她於2013年獲得英國薩里大學舞蹈文化碩士學位。自2014年起加入舞團Amina Khayyam Dance Company,並在英國,歐洲及其他國家和地區巡演。陳楨並未將自己的事業局限於舞蹈領域。近年來,她不斷挑戰跨界合作,與多位來自音樂,戲劇,視覺藝術,攝影和電影等行業中的藝術家們完成了創作和表演,其中包括:Seetal Kaur Dhadyalla, Gigi Giannella, Enrique Vargas Gutierrez (Teatro de los Sentidos), Jihye Kim, Joonhong Min, Roxi Rahmanzadeh, Simon Richardson, Moi Tran,Tang Shu-wing, Katja Verheul and Zadie Xa。

陳楨深信舞蹈能讓人感到最純粹的身心愉悅,她於2015年創立了教學項目Passion Project。從已故的祖母身上見證到來自音樂與舞蹈的力量,讓陳楨開展成人社區授課,並特別熱衷於教授年長人士及腦退化患者舞蹈。陳楨不僅是香港《舞蹈手札》雜誌的駐倫敦撰稿人,更是英國慈善機構 Arts Emergency的導師,致力於支持有志發展舞蹈事業的青年。