Jane started teaching in 2013 as a visiting tutor for University of Surrey, she also taught Kathak beginners' class for Amina Khayyam Dance Company. In addition, she teaches fitness and well-being classes to adults and older adults at community centres across London. Jane also teaches dance to older adults (65+) through Dance Well Project organised by Akademi (see video below) supported by The Big Lottery Fund since 2016 and continue to do so.

Jane founded Passion Project in 2015, continuing to share her love for movement and dance, to different age groups.  

Jane believes the sheer joy of dancing is universal. 

If you wish to have classes / workshops tailored to you, please feel free to get in touch. I am more than happy to have a conversation and create what suits you best. 

Passion Project

A Project founded by Jane in 2015 that provides a safe and open learning space for curious beings who enjoy movement to participate, play, explore, experiment, engage, challenge and be challenged through Jane's understanding of different dance genres to enhance the learning of Kathak. 

Passion Project aims to be an antidote to our prolonged stationery posture that most of us have every day. Passion Project stimulates and invigorates participants’ body and mind through working with Jane, their own body and each other. The two hours class aims to improve flexibility, posture, alignment, body conditioning, mindful practice and relish the pleasure of movement.

Jane is DBS checked and has completed the course 'Physical Activity and Older Adults 'in Transition' by National Centre for Sport & Exercise Medicine with Loughborough University. 

Please get in touch with Jane for more information for upcoming classes. 

'Jane is a brilliant teacher who is attentive to her students' individual needs. I have been learning with her for almost two years and have seen a marked improvement in my technique and posture. Jane teaches with grace and humour. She also has great attention to detail. As a dancer she is aspirational to watch and has been a joy to learn from.' A.Elias. 

'Jane is a great teacher, she is thoughtful and nurturing. She makes sure to take the time to find out your learning style and adapts her teaching accordingly. She is truly constructive in her criticism and corrections so that you feel supported in your learning.' R.Francis.

'Jane is an inspiring teaching of contemporary and Kathak. She works with innovative ideas which forms fluidity within a continual creative process.' J. Phelps. 

Feedback from Dance Well Project participants: 

'I absolutely loved it. This is good exercise you can enjoy. I even told the doctor' B. Davies

'This is different from yoga, pilates and chair based exercise. There is still discipline but it is more fun. You do it as an individual but you feel part of the group as well, and even if I am younger compared to the average age of the group, I feel it is good exercise!' R. Floyd

'This is really good exercise for my arms.' Irene. 

'Aren't we doing doe-a-deer today? (choreography made by participants and Jane)' D. Godwin





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