Artistic Statement

Storytelling through movement and dance is at the heart of my practice. The stories I tell are inspired by people and communities around me, especially those not heard very often, informed by, reacting to and regularly referencing life experiences. I hope to use my art for social good, to give back to the community.

While I may work with different artists, mediums and processes, the objective is consistent which is telling stories of our time. They are linked by recurring concerns and subject matters that deal with the social and cultural.

I see my works as the bodily and movement archives and documentaries of our time. Dance is one of the ways to document especially human relationships, humanity and emotions... Dance can also lend emotional and moral support in difficult situations which I have had the privilege to experience through my practice. It may not be a solution to the situation, but it offers an outlet allowing liberation and empowerment in the constraints people may be facing.





Jane Void Place-150.jpg

Image by Simon Richardson