Our Death Won't Hurt Anyone - Part 1 Loosely Inspired 'Art of War' by Sunzi | by Tang Shu-wing Theatre Studio & Teatro de los Sentidos | West Kowloon Cultural District & Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona | 6-8 Jul 2018 | GREC Festival de Barcelona | Barcelona, Spain

Dramaturgy & Direction: Tang Shu-Wing Advice & training: Enrique Vargas Associate Direction: Arianna Marano Direction assistant: Jacky Chan Stage Design: Gabriella Salvaterra Lighting design: Pancho García Costume design: Patrizia Menichelli Sound & music design: Stephane Laidet Technical direction: Karl Sørensen Actors: Jane Chan, Stephane Laidet, Arianna Marano, Ivy Pang, Eva Pérez, Giovanna Pezzullo, Wong Chun Him, Masu Wong, Rocky Wong Production: Carlos Calvo, Bobo Lee Production assistant: Lisa Mercury

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Flooded with Ice / Hell Fire Can't Scorch me | By Zadie Xa | 1 Jun 2018 | Purcell Room, Southbank Centre

part of In Conversation with Lee Bul and Performance by Zadie Xa

Choreographer: Jane Chan

Performer: Jane Chan | Jihye Kim | Nam Yoon Kim | Zadie Xa

Text: Taylor Le Melle and Zadie Xa

Costume: Benito Mayor Vallejo and Zadie Xa.


18 Jan 2018 | Oval Space, London, UK

25 Jan 2018 | Roostein Hopkins Parade Ground, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK

28 Oct 2018 | Ipswich Art Gallery | SPILL Festival, Ipswich, UK

8 Jun 2019 | PQ Formations | Prague Quadrennial 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

Curator: Nadine Cordial Settele

Live Musician: Yung-Yee Chen

Ensemble: Iris Chan, Jane Chan, Jenny Logico Cruz, Sung Im Her, Annie Pui Ling Lok, Hazel Lam, HaeYeon Lim, Jodie Judy Lu Ying Chu, Mei Mac, Kumiko Mendl

"In today’s world, understood in terms of multitude politics, of circulations and mobility, a tender desire is stirring to create a new set of relations amongst us, instead of simply being anchored in a context we are turning to anchor on each other."

The Circuit is an improvised, durational movement piece conceptualised by artist Moi Tran, presented by six dancers and a live musician. Coloured floor tape is used to demarcate a six-lane track varying in size, dependent on location. The Circuitous track represents continuum and journey, whilst the action of walking speaks of commonplace, everyday rituals and behaviours that tend to be overlooked. All the dancers are female of East-Asian ethnicity. As they step onto the track in unison, they commit to each other and the action of walking within their chosen lane for the duration of the piece in this collective experience.

Open and intimate, The Circuit manifests a viewing experience of physical and psychological intensity. It encourages the dissolution of borders and evokes an immersive union of artists and viewers - from which the latter can engage, or disengage and re-engage, at any point.

Central to the piece is the question: what defines an East Asian woman in a contemporary context, noting the Asian diaspora has provoked new dialogues pertaining to culture and identity across the globe?

The Circuit can be seen metaphorically as the beginning of a journey, a prologue - charting the territories through which a possible future dialogue on the identity of the East-Asian woman might move, outlining possible boundaries, and proposing routes through the modern flux of shifting and sometimes violently abrading identities, acknowledging both the continuing power of historical narratives and the ultimate impossibility of final destination and closure, by stripping away to reach a state in which identity can be formed anew.

City Monologue | by Jane Chan, Jihye Kim and Joonghong Min | 28 Nov 2017

Performer: Jane Chan, Jihye Kim and Joonhong Min

We live in the city. We feel the problems of current situation: contradiction of accepted system, gaze of others and individual alienation in this city. We acknowledge these issues, feelings and express them in our ways.

We are fugitives. We are constantly trying to escape from social restraints, customs and expectations. We struggle. We resist. And we survive.

We are chroniclers. Our chronicles are recorded through art, music and movement. Society informs our chronicles yet overwhelms our senses which interfere with our focus on thing that matter in our daily lives. This performance is a way for us to express some of our struggles living in the city. 

Where is the riot at? | by Katja Verheul | 23 Sep 2017

Concept: Katja Verheul 

Performer: Jane Chan 

2017 / HD / 15 min. documentation

One female riot police officer is sent to the wrong location and accidentally ends up on Deptford High Street. She asks the unsuspected passer-by - where is the riot at? - while performing her routine.

Supported by Deptford X and the Mondriaan Fund 

where is the riot at 1.jpeg
where is the riot at 2.jpeg


Choreographer: Jane Chan

Performer: Jane Chan | Jihye Kim | Joonhong Min | Zadie Xa

Text: Taylor Le Melle

Costume: Benito Mayor Vallejo and Zadie Xa.

Creating an immersive environment for this performance at the Lancaster Rooms at Somerset House, Zadie Xa’s work interrogates ideas of authentic versus inherited positions and displacement within the Asian diaspora. Through a fantastical overlayering of cultural references, Crash, Boom, Hisssssss. Legend of the Liquid Sword will transport the audience into a supernatural narrative inhabited by shamanistic beings, based on Manshin (Korean shaman) and loosely inspired by Pansori, a Korean genre of musical storytelling performed by a vocalist and a drummer. 

Performance images by Arron Leppard for Block Universe

These Girls |by Roxi Rahmanzadeh

An ongoing portrait series of multi-heritage British girls living in London. It is about a country that makes it possible for the Persian son of a chandelier maker to open the doors of his student house to the daughter of a European Jewish doctor. Inside, is their future, their lives together and 10 years on: me, and my sister. 

If I were a pie chart it would read 1/8 Lithuanian, 1/8 Ukrainian, 1/4 English and 1/2 Iranian. 

But I am not a pie chart and neither are these girls. 

We are the product of many cultures mixing with this one. Of over apologising, unpredictable weather and hope that this time England might just win the football. A country that on a good day is accepting and diverse. Now more that ever this should be celebrated because we need more good days. - Roxi Rahmanzadeh

Saturday Live: Zadie Xa, Linguistic Legacies and Lunar Exploration at Serpentine Galleries | 13 Aug 2016

Artist Zadie Xa presented a new live work that brought together dancers, painted and sculptural elements. Inspired by Talchum, or Korean Mask Drama, Linguistics Legacies and Lunar Exploration followed a non-linear narrative, seeking magic, rituals and the alliance of friendship. 

Choreographed by Jane Chan and Eunjung Kim

Performed by Jane Chan | Soojin Hong | Eunjung Kim | Joonhong Min

Film by Nye Williams  

Sweet Design Studio

Thank you Ese Akpojotor for featuring me on your first My Body Celebration Series.

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