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East Asian Ticket Club


In addition to my dance practice, two incredible women Moi Tran, Lan Le and myself founded the East Asian Ticket Club in 2018.

East Asian Ticket Club (EATC) is an engagement platform to encourage and increase East Asian participation across the arts in the UK and beyond. 

How it began: 

As female Arts practitioners with East Asian Heritage, we have always felt our narratives, visibility and work regularly under represented, particularly in Theatre and Performance. The lack of opportunity and lack of diverse representation in the Arts has compounded the issue of appearance and visibility for the East Asian community in this industry.

In response we founded The East Asian Ticket Club as a platform to address some of these issues, we are keen to advocate for an Arts and Cultural environment that is more diverse, more inclusive and representative of the East Asian minority and diaspora communities in the UK.

EATC presents the opportunity for the Arts and Culture industry to actively commit to increasing the visibility of East Asian audiences in Arts spaces and Cultural venues in the UK and beyond. It is essential we start to build a serious site of appearance to encourage the East Asian community to take their position in this growing discussion. 

We aim to build a sustainable platform, a catalyst to activate the East Asian and other communities into a wider conversation about identity, race, multiculturalism, collective experience and individual empowerment.

Stay tuned, follow, more events to follow soon. Let's make changes together!

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